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Everything You Need For The Ultimate Girls Night In

You turn to your girlfriends for most things – from celebrating that big promotion to cursing the guy who broke your heart. But when was the last time you caught up just because you could? Pick a Saturday night and forgo the many invites to drinks or dinner in favour of an old past time; the quintessential girls night. Here’s everything you’ll need to host the ultimate girls night in.

Step 1: Prep your party space

The group text has been sent and the girls are replying with every excited emoji out there. Once you know how many can make it to your soiree it’s time to choose a locale. Keep it to one or two areas of your home so there’s less prep work involved as the host. The living room is the simplest choice with plenty of seating and easy access to the kitchen.

Even though it’s cold outside, the night sky in Winter is clearer and more beautiful at this time of year. Take your girls night to the next level with drinks and snacks under the stars to kick off the evening. Layer up the deck furniture with blankets and cushions to keep everyone cosy. Adding in an outdoor heater or fire pit will keep you comfortable in the fresh air for longer. Serve mulled mine and crack out the fondue kit for a warming meal. Or give your favourite pizza place a call and bring out a nice bottle of red. Get your outdoor area Winter ready with MyDeal home and garden.

Step 2: Freshen up the bathroom

The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by a not-so-clean or guest ready bathroom. Before your girls arrive give the room a freshen up. Replace the hand towels, stock the toilet paper and see how much soap is left in the dispenser.

Suiting all skin types and fragrance preferences has never been a walk in the park. Luckily, Pure Home Body has a range of non-toxic, gentle body and home products for just that.

Pharmacist and founder Cara Little gave us the deets on what makes her hand wash a delight to use:

“Light on your hands and gentle on the skin. Well foam is pretty light when you come to think about it. But this foam ain’t your normal soap laced hand wash. When you pump this soap free wash you’ll feel the smoothness of natural oils of avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil gliding over your hands with a hinted touch of lemon myrtle lingering at the end.”

Add a bit of luxury to the experience with a decadent hand cream by the sink as well. You can’t go wrong with Pure Home Body’s super smooth Eco Luxe Creme. Here’s what Cara had to say:

“Sexy seductive, glowing skin……oh that’s nasty….said no one ever! We’ve just bottled it into our all low tox, plant based all over hand, face and body creme. Now that’s one product that has you seriously covered.”
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Step 3: The finer details

Let’s face it, we don’t all have fresh bunches of flowers in the hallway or a candle burning on any regular Sunday night. But when you’ve invited your girls around for a fun catch-up putting in the extra effort with those minor details will help them feel welcomed. Candles last forever so you can raid your stash for a gorgeous scent, but flowers require last-minute decision making.

Petal Post takes the hard stuff out of always having a bunch on hand. Their flower subscription services are available Sydney-wide and come with instructions and pointers on how to style your beautiful bouquet. You can select a one-off delivery or opt for the weekly subscription and enjoy an ongoing supply of fresh flowers delivered to your door.
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Step 4: Primp and pamper

Treat yourself (and your friends) to a fresh faced glow courtesy of Style Story, a Korean beauty boutique based in Brisbane. They ship all around Australia so get your order in early and turn girls night into a home spa. Founder Lauren Lee shared with us what makes K-Beauty so universal:

“Korean Beauty Face masks are the perfect companion for a pampering Girls Night. Who doesn’t love to get gorgeous while chilling with the girls? There’s a K-Beauty face mask for literally every skin type and the masks go to work in under half an hour, making them the quickest way to a brighter complexion without ever leaving the couch!”

Plus, here’s two of her favourite pamper packs for your next girls night.

1. Adaline’s Keep Cool Mask Set
Includes 3 power-packed masks for every issue. One to improve dull or uneven skin, one that’s seriously moisture-boosting for dry skin and one that’s all about soothing sensitive faces.


2. Polatam’s Extra Gel Force Mask Set
Also features 3 gel masks to keep your skin hydrated, nourished and bright. One of them even helps fight signs of ageing!
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Step 5: Get your game on

When was the last time you played a party game? We thought so. Bring back the best bits of a teen sleepover with the classics like ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Never Have I Ever…’. Or celebrate your adulthood with a movie-themed drinking game. If your fave film is lacking in the drinking game rules then create your own. Take a sip everytime someone quotes out loud or finish your drink whenever someone quotes it wrong!

There’s nothing better than quality time with your girls. Whether you have a conundrum that needs solving or are just missing your friends, this weekend is the perfect time to host the ultimate girls night.

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