7 Life Goals Every 20 something is Proud to Achieve or aiming to achieve

By | July 19, 2018

Ah, the millennial generation. They get lauded and loathed in equal measure but there is something that sets this generation apart from other generations as they carve out their unique place in the world. The great bulk of this generation are now in their 20s or just emerging from them. It’s a good opportunity to see what drives them and their values.


They are likely to be better educated, less likely to smoke, be more health conscious, be more progressive and environmentally friendly. These values have come from several sources including better education standards and a society that is more conscious of health, environmental and social issues. As with every emerging generation, this value shift has naturally put 20-somethings on a collision course with their predecessors. However, when you really break it down and look at their life goals – they are not too distant from their parents and grandparents.

So what life goals do 20-somethings place a premium on? This list might help you work out how they tick.

1. Purchasing their first home
This might be the most obvious one, so we’ll get this out of the way first. Saving up that massive deposit throughout their university and early working years to finally get that mortgage is seen as massive achievement amongst 20-something-year-old. It’s something they find pride in and sets them apart from their peers. Sure, there will be complaints about the property’s size and how far away it is from their city-center – but be under no illusion, they’ve got their eye on a much bigger prize in years to come.

2. Keeping fit and healthy
This generation is the only generation in history to have been exposed to anti-smoking warnings from cradle to adulthood. The reason the smoking rate has fallen rapidly in the past thirty years is that of this generation coming to age. 20-somethings love the gym and working out. It gets the endorphins pumping, it can be a social activity and it builds self-esteem in a world where people can literally decide if they like you just by swiping left or right. Keep that in mind the next time they want to talk to you about air frying for health-conscious reasons or their latest smoothie concoction they’ve read about. They see investing money in an air-fryer or blender as investing in their long-term health.

3. Finishing studying forever
Well maybe not forever – but at least they can finally start earning money full time. Graduating from university or a trade college is a massive achievement. No more typing into the late-night on an assignment that’s due the next day. No more copious amounts of cramming before an exam. No more working for apprentice wage.

4. Landing their first role in their chosen career
After a lifetime of being told that they need to go university or gain a trade qualification if they are to have any chance of being successful, it’s little wonder that millennials can feel a bit more than disappointed when after doing said tertiary education, they are still working in the same dead-end job they had at university with little chance of starting the career they’ve been dreaming about and working so hard for. When a millennial finally get their first step on the ladder in their chosen career path it is certainly a moment to be celebrated.

5. Home Renovation and the Backyard Blitz
Millennials might be seen as lazy and feckless by older generations but there is no denying where they inherited their love of home improvement. A millennial is more likely to purchase a “doer-upper” property than their older generation. This is because a millennial has the energy, spirit and vision to improve the property, so they can take that next leg up the real estate ladder. Don’t be surprised to find a millennial you know bragging about their new exquisite garden tool shed they’ve just acquired while showing you around their newly turfed and potted garden.

6. The Start-Up Culture Craze
The young adults of the 50s embraced peace and the young adults of the 60s embraced free love. The 20-somethings today embrace an opportunity to be their own boss and create businesses in their own image. No more are the days of climbing the corporate ladder in a business established over a century ago. These days millennials want to put in the extra hours and work ridiculously long hours to grow their own asset, instead of someone else’s. If you go to dinner at a millennial’s newly purchased home that they’re telling you about their next start-up opportunity while cooking with their new air fryer as you’re admiring their garden tool shed from the porch.

7. Traveling the World
This generation of 20-somethings certainly caught a pandemic version of the travel bug. With international travel becoming more and more inexpensive and the Australian passport one of the most powerful travel documents in the world, there is no excuse for 20-somethings to pack their bags and go see the world before settling down.

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