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The Best Time to Visit Ibiza

When it comes to partying Ibiza is the king of the scene. Even if you don’t know anything about dance music you know about Ibiza. The island offers some of the most bumping parties on the face of the earth, with all the best DJ’s. Moreover, for the party adverse or the party dip-in dip-out crowd there is a quieter side to the island too. Places with an after-party vibe, and alternative community’s hideaway in the less-visited rural areas of the island. If you know the time for a visit to Ibiza has come, and you want to enjoy a taste of what the ultimate party island has to offer, you need to know when is the best time to visit Ibiza?

The year is long, and your holiday time short which means you want to choose the best possible time for your trip. Without further ado, with an answer for everyone, the best time to visit Ibiza is…

High Season Vs Low Season

In general, the parties open at the end of May and close down in mid-October. If you are going to Ibiza to party your visit must fall within these months. However, some people love Ibiza when the parties aren’t in town, and if you like to skip the crowds a visit between mid-October and mid-May could present a wonderful time to go. The temperatures are colder, but the island has some fantastic walking. The off-season is a great time to explore the rural and quiet corners of the island.

Opening Parties – Late May and June

Party season kick-off begins in the last week of May with a Music conference. The conference usually has top DJ’s from all over the world attending. The conference itself isn’t for the general public, but they usually hold some public parties at the same time. At the parties you can attend, you have a strong chance to see top class DJ’s playing. This is not party madness, not everywhere is open yet, and the biggest parties are yet to come. However, you get the opportunity to see some big names as a payoff. Plus, you can get fantastic low rates at the start of the season.

Peak Party Time – July and August

The two months of July and August are peak season in Ibiza. Everywhere is open, and the crowds are at their peak. August is busier than July because of the European holiday times. Furthermore, usually in Europe, by the time August swings around the weather is already reminding us of how winter looms. If you want to visit Ibiza for the loudest, most crazy, busy parties, then a visit in July or August will do nicely!

These two months are also the hottest time on the island, and when you can make the most of your time flitting between the beach, and the nightclubs.


Ending with a Bang – September, and October

Over September and October, the clubs begin to hold their final parties. Now, you might think this means a wind-down, but actually, in Ibiza, this means some big names and thumping tunes to end with a bang. When you visit during end of the party season you do miss the absolute peak time, but the bonus is you get (a bit) more of the place to yourself, and the big name DJ’s who come in to end the season.

The month of September heralds the only outdoor dance festival in Ibiza, Captured Festival. They also hold the DJ Awards Ibiza which is a great opportunity to see some of the best DJ’s in action.
The last week of October sees a host of different holistic activities swing into action over Energy Week, as people look for ways to wind down after the party season.

Off-Season – November to Early May

You might think why you would you go to Ibiza when there are no parties? And I get that I do, but the island still has a lot to offer on the off-season, and some Hotels will open all year round.

For those of you who aren’t party animals the off-season can make a quiet getaway for walking, enjoying good food, wine, and of course the sea.

Wine Season – December to January

In December, wine connoisseurs’ can come to St Mateau for a free wine tasting fair. You don’t generally find Ibiza wine off the island because they simply don’t produce enough. However, as is typical of the Mediterranean there are many home brewers and small-scale wine producers. At the fair, they bring samples and you can enjoy them for free. What’s not to love!

Hiking and exploring nature

You can explore the island on foot at any time of year. However, hiking is an activity best enjoyed with a good portion of quiet, which makes the off-season a good time. At the end of winter, you can stumble across avenues of almond trees in blossom, the blossoms are best seen in the valley of Santa Ines. From October to December, the pine forests are at their best, and at this time of year they take on the deepest shades of green.

The Best times in Ibiza for Other activities

Ibiza is not just a wild party island at night there is plenty to keep you busy during the day as well. For example, you can enjoy diving, mountain biking, windsurfing, the all-new flyboarding, fishing, sailing, boat trippin, parasailing, and traditional festivals. Here is a quick summary of these fun things with the times of year you can do them:

– Diving: April to October
– Mountain Biking: April to late October
– Windsurfing and kitesurfing: May to August
– Flyboarding: June to August
– Fishing: May to October
– Sailing: April to October
– Boat Trippin: May to the end of October
– Parasailing: May to October
– Traditional Festivals:
o Semana Santa – Holy Week/ Easter
o Medieval Festival – May 10th-13th
o Saint Joan Festival to welcome summer – 21st-24th June
o Ball Pagés: Traditional Folk Dancing: Thursdays and Fridays May to October

The Best Time to visit Ibiza?

In short, if you want to go to Ibiza during the time there are the most activities to choose from, water sports, beach bumming, and party madness, the summer gets the prize for the best time of year to visit.

However, the island has much to offer, even on the off-season so why not go more than once! I know I can’t resist another visit after the amazing time I had last time I went.
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Have you ever been to Ibiza? When did you go? What was the craziest party you went to on the island? Did you ever find one of the legendary cave raves? I’ll save my story for another post!

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