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Create a Bachelorette Pad Like Carrie Bradshaw

A quick browse on Instagram or Pinterest will quickly show you the lifestyle that many women aspire to have these days: waking up to a view of the city, having a night in with the girls or being able to enjoy a sprawling metropolitan vista from their very own bathtub. More women than ever are living independently in trendy apartments, living out their own Carrie Bradshaw storylines. We asked Australia’s top home decor and interior design experts for how every woman can live the dream in her own bachelorette pad.

Chic details

Nothing says Sophisticated Inner City Woman more than chic details. Founder of HART Home Decor Tiffany Benn let us into her own personal favourite way of adding some glam to her property:

“As a single woman who has decorated many bachelorette pads of my own over the years my favourite way to give your place a bit of Carrie Bradshaw are art prints and metallic accents.

A gallery wall is the perfect way to give your room some serious personality and style. Pick an odd number of prints that you absolutely adore and hang them clustered in a non-uniform style. This gives a playful edge whilst showing your own personal style.

I love to mix and match frames for this too. Some plain and some ornate to give a luxe whilst eclectic feel. Adding a few metallic accents around the room too will add to the luxe feel. Rose gold soy candles are my favourite!’

Browse the MyDeal Home & Garden collection to stock up on your own artwork, lamps and home decor pieces, and visit Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration.

Statement art

Every modern woman also needs to be in tune with her artistic side. Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks tells us to go big or go home when it comes to decking out our bachelorette pads with art:

“You are the essence of your bachelorette pad! One of the easiest ways to Carrie Bradshaw your apartment is with ART! It’s fashion! Glamour! Decor! And, a whack of attitudinal colour all in one big Kapow of a statement. Like Warhol’s pop art portrayal of Monroe, your portrait, good or naughty, in your wearable fashion and interior decor style from modern to art deco but big as life, can kick ass. As an artist and decorator, I make your artwork go a thousand k’s uniting your decor, creating a focal point and style plus. You really can commission art that says who you are, what you love; and even, uses colour psychology to welcome friends or add a touch of sexy attitude!”


Think about function

From modular sofas with enough room for all the girlfriends to office furniture for your side hustle, think about how your space should be designed to meet your independent woman needs. Shilpa Mohan from DDC Architecture + Interior Design gives us a number of suggestions on how to make sure our pad suits our lifestyles:

“Think of how you would like to use the spaces in your home, maybe you like having wine and cheese with your girlfriends? Perhaps a nice timber coffee table to use a grazing board and comfy floor cushions and arm chairs surrounding it would be perfect for it. If you enjoy travel, you can paint or wallpaper a wall with a map of the world and stick photos of your travel experiences on different parts of the World. This may be the most care-free time of your life, so it’s the best time to make your home a fun space!”

For more insight from this senior interior designer, visit Shilpa’s Instagram.

When you’re young and living freely, you’ve got the time and disposable income to really make the most of your space. Adopt the tips above to create a bachelorette pad that looks like it’s right out of a movie!


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