How to Set Up the Perfect Nursery

By | August 24, 2018

The birth of your first child is both a nerve-racking and exciting time. In addition to buying all the right baby equipment, there’s also the mammoth task of setting up the perfect nursery for your little one. To find out what it takes to make your nursery both beautiful and functional, keep reading!

Create a soothing environment

Liz Wilkes from My Midwives emphasises the importance of a calming nursery environment, saying:

“When planning your nursery think about how to make your nursery a sanctuary, filled with everything you need whilst at the same time a space without too many distractions and external stimulation for baby. Ensure the nursery is a space mum is happy and relaxed, invest in a comfortable chair, a good quality breast pump, like the Philips Avent electric breast pump and nursing pillow. When choosing lighting, avoid halogens and exposed bulbs, instead go for fixtures that offer shaded or diffused light. The more comfortable and relaxed mum is the easier it will be to breastfeed and express milk, and spend quality time with bub.”

Browse the MyDeal Baby & Kids range to find furniture, equipment and accessories that will add to a serene and functional nursery. Essential furniture items include a crib, comfortable chair for nursing, a night light, and plenty of storage for your growing bub! In addition to the classic baby blues and baby pinks, a muted yellow is a lovely, relaxing and gender-neutral shade to go for.

Prioritise safety

Of course, every parent’s greatest concern is the safety of their baby. All the nursery furniture you choose has to be built durably to ensure no accidents occur. Carolyn Webster from Baby Product Guru offers up these safety tips:

  • Place cot out of direct sunshine, away from windows and shelving
  • Secure curtains and blind cords
  • Make sure the space above the cot is free of objects such as pictures or mirrors which could fall onto your child
  • Keep heaters or any electrical appliances well away from the cot to avoid the risk of overheating, burns and electrocution.
  • The safest temperature for your baby’s room is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius
  • Use block out blinds if the room gets too hot
  • Always make sure your nursery furniture meets Australian standards
  • Make sure everything you will need on a daily basis is easy accessible

When your nursery is set up in a safe manner, you can tend to your baby’s needs without a worry in the world!

For more tips from Carolyn, visit the Baby Product Guru Instagram and Facebook pages.

Focus on what matters most

While furniture, ambience and baby equipment are all essential components for a nursery, parenting expert and author Kathy Fray reminds us that there is no such thing as having a perfect nursery – it is simply about the baby’s “needs being met with perfection… Babies are inherently simple creatures, with very basic needs – and having been a midwife who has witnessed hundreds and hundreds of first-time mums-to-be, working way too late in their jobs while heavily pregnant, in order to create ‘perfection’, I would have to say: the perfect nursery doesn’t exist… If all you can afford to provide as the “nursery” for your baby is a heater to keep their air warm, and the simplest bed for your baby to sleep in, and your arms to be cuddled by – then mama-to-be: that is perfect!”

For more of Kathy’s wonderful insights, visit her website, Facebook and Instagram.

With these tips in mind, remember to have fun while decorating and setting up the nursery for your new arrival. In the end, the tranquility and functionality of your nursery is more important than how trendy or “perfect” it looks!

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