The Art of Indoor Outdoor Style

By | September 4, 2018

As those lively summer days approach, we all want to immerse ourselves in nature. But of course, we can’t just pitch a tent in the backyard and declare ourselves at one with nature. Instead, follow the pro tips below to nail indoor-outdoor styling.

Indoor outdoor style helps you create a welcoming and serene home environment. Whether you have an outdoor area that connects to your interior a or are simply looking to add an outdoorsy touch to your home, there’s a myriad of ways to make the indoor outdoor style happen for you.

Create flow

Janelle Mead from Designing Interiors suggests integrating the outdoors and indoors by creating a sense of flow:

“The best way to create indoor/outdoor flow is to style your outdoor area as an extension of the main house. This can be achieved by selecting elements of your internal scheme and applying them to your outdoor areas. This can be as simple as matching your indoor and outdoor cushions, adding timber features outside, or for the bold, creating an external feature wall.”

Get more design inspiration from Designing Interiors’ Instagram and get the look with MyDeal’s outdoor furniture range.

Decorate with plants

Claudia Brdar from The Renovate Avenue suggests adding plants throughout the home:

“Not only do plants provide cleaner air to breathe outside and indoors but they can provide a stylish garden haven in the space you live in. Plants are the hottest decor accessory for styling homes indoors at the moment and brings the outdoors inside in a healthy and stylish way.

Not only do they come with their own accessories such as pots and baskets but they come in many different shades of green, white, grey and reds, which can inspire you and make you stop for a minute to admire their beauty.”

For more information, check out the Renovate Avenue Facebook and Instagram pages. If you’re a black thumb, choose artificial plants from the MyDeal Home & Garden range to fake the look.


Outdoorsy furniture

Kate Forsyth from Good Day Rentals suggests getting au naturale with your furniture materials:

“My styling tip as the weather warm up is to incorporate cane furniture with a retro style cool tropical pattern (think Tommy Bahama vintage banana leaf) in an indoor outdoor fabric. That way you can have the items inside in the colder months, then transform your outdoor areas into a cool, lux, fun space with the tropicool pieces. Cane is so light too, so it’s the BEST for moving around your spaces with ease.”

Check out the Good Day Rentals Facebook and Instagram pages for more furniture inspiration.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, try using outdoor furniture inside your home to really tie the look together. An added benefit of doing this is that outdoor furniture is really hardy, withstanding spills and scratches. 


Finally, be strategic in the tableware and glasses you choose so that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Tiffany Hart from Hart Home Decor has some excellent tips for this:

“My best tips for gorgeous styling that can be taken indoors and outdoors are firstly when picking glassware why not embrace the stemless style. They look fabulous and are less likely to be toppling over if there’s a drop of wind!

If you feeling like treating yourself why not get a super stylish bar cart? These can be easily moved indoors or pushed outside. These are especially great for covered outdoor areas only as you don’t want these beauties out in the elements. That way you can pour everyone a cocktail without having to be locked away inside missing all the good gossip!”

For more home decor inspiration, visit Tiffany’s Facebook and Instagram.

Mix and match indoor and outdoor elements to create a seamless flow between your home and nature. This will not only make your home the perfect setting for entertaining, but also for some much needed rest and relaxation.


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