6 Tips to Design Your Teen’s Bedroom

By | September 6, 2018

When your child officially transitions into their teen years, one of the challenges parents face is making sure the bedroom evolves accordingly. Your child will likely want to express themselves with their bedroom decor, but you of course need to be able to do this within a reasonable budget. Strike the balance between functionality and personality with our teen bedroom decorating ideas, curated with the help of Australia’s leading home design experts.

A suitable bed

As your child grows, they’re going to need a bigger bed to accommodate them. At the very least, you need to upgrade your teen’s bed from a single to a double bed. If you’re worried a bigger bed might cut into your storage space, opt for a bed with trundles or drawers underneath it. This gives them plenty of space to stretch out and kick back, while also having discrete storage space underneath their bed for all their favourite belongings. Quality sleep also becomes more important than ever in the teen years, so make sure to invest in a quality memory foam mattress.

Create a moodboard together

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones from h.edit suggests getting an idea of your teen’s style before redecorating:

“Set up a shared Pinterest Board where you can both ‘pin’ decor you like which makes it easier to make compromises and ‘see’ their vision. Your teen will feel like their style surrounds them and you’ll save money and drama!”

By pinning images together, you can be sure you truly understand what your teen wants.

Check out h.edit’s Instagram and Facebook for more decor inspiration.

Get the basics right

Many of us decorate our children’s rooms in bright colours to create a cute and lively atmosphere. As our teens enter their teen years, however, they need their space to be less stimulating. Courtney Younie from Allure Property Styling suggests to keep things basic:

“When it comes to colours, neutral bases are great, but pops of colour are what make pre-teen and teen spaces unique. Some colours can be overstimulating, so stick to calming colours like blues and green, which can help with concentration. If you’re keen to decorate the walls, search for low-cost picture frames and boards that you can display artwork and tasks, which can be easily changed as often as required.”

By choosing neutral paints and furniture colours, your child will be able to add any posters or accessories they like.

For more inspiration from the Allure Property Styling team, make sure to visit their Facebook and Instagram.

Make it multipurpose

Unlike for younger children, your teenager’s bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It needs to be their haven, a place to study, and a social hub to hang out with their friends. The best way to do this is to pick some multifunctional pieces, such as a loft bed with a desk underneath, a bean bag, or a futon with hidden storage. This allows your teen’s bedroom to be highly functional and easily adapted to whatever they need.


Add fuss-free flair

A fantastic way to add personality to a room is to apply temporary wallpaper. Julia Hill from Luxe Walls let us know why temporary wallpaper is perfect for teenagers in particular:

“When decorating a teenager’s retreat form and function need to be top of mind. You need a bed, desk, wardrobe and a bedside table – but how do you create a feel in the room? Wallpaper allows teenagers to individualise their space and make their room their own. Luxe Walls is the leader of custom printed, removable, self adhesive wallpaper. With access to over 100 million images, teenagers have a wide choice of imagery to choose from. With removable wallpaper, when the look no longer suits, it can easily be removed.”

Your teen’s tastes are sure to change over the years, so a fun temporary wallpaper design can add tonnes of impact to their room while being easy to swap out should they want a different aesthetic.

Let your teen choose from the stunning range at Luxe Walls by visiting their Instagram or Facebook.

Make tidying up easy

Teens can be messy, which means you’ll need to help them out with keeping their newly-revamped room clean. Provide them with enough bins and receptacles for clean and dirty clothes so rubbish doesn’t just pile up on the floor. By making it easy for your teen to tidy up, you can also help them work on their independence as it’ll be up to them to take their trash out when it’s full or bring their laundry hamper downstairs. By involving them in the redecorating process, they’ll also want to take ownership over their bedroom, and therefore want to keep it clean and tidy (hopefully!)


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