Monday, May 10, 2021

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring has sprung, meaning many of us are coming out of our winter hibernation and starting to entertain again. In order to have the freshest start to the season possible, we’ve picked the brains of some organising, decluttering and cleaning experts to get their top spring cleaning tips.

All hands on deck

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, so why not enlist the help of the whole family? Heather Gibson from Finer Details Concierge & Organiser Services tell us:

“Spring is a great time to declutter and organise the play area and remove all the broken and unused toys making way for the new ones about to enter the home.

Getting the kids involved and showing them that others can utilise things they have grown out of is a great lesson for all ages. Allocating a specific space for categories can eliminate the excess, for example a container for toy cars. Once the container is full the child must decide which ones they give away to make room for any new ones.”

Make sure to check out the Finer Details Facebook and Instagram pages for more organisational tips.

Assigning the kids to sort out their own rooms not only teaches them responsibility, but also lessons the load for you. Make it easier for your kids to put away their belongings by getting them a MyDeal trundle bed!

Be realistic

Kirsty from Feels Like Home reminds us to carefully consider what we actually need and use:

“The concept ‘keeping what you use and using what you keep’ is about giving honour to things that you have decided should belong in your home. If you are not honouring that item by using it, displaying it or storing it correctly, should you be keeping it? It’s a good measuring tool to help you decide what you should keep when you are decluttering. How many wooden spoons do you actually use? This concept can helps you to decide what should stay in your home and how you use it or give honour to it.”

Make sure to visit the Feels Like Home Facebook for even more inspiration!

Once you’ve narrowed down what you actually need, get some storage furniture to really clear out the space.


Get into the nooks and crannies

Spring is the time to really deep clean areas that you would usually skim over during your weekly clean. Emma Basquille from IXL Home suggests vacuuming those hard-to-reach areas:

“Throughout the year, most of us are guilty of only vacuuming the large open spaces like the living room. But what about the forgotten floors inside our wardrobes, pantries and underneath the beds? With a low profile design, the iRobot Roomba will clean those areas where dust and dirt hide. Make a list of every surface that needs to be vacuumed and simplify your spring cleaning routine.”

Try the iRobot Roomba for yourself to make your spring cleaning easier.

Clean the cleaners

Have you ever thought how much gunk your cleaning appliances are accumulating? Spring is the perfect time to deep clean appliances like dishwashers, sinks, brooms, mops, washing machines and dryers. Your fridge, microwave and oven will all need a deep clean from time to time as well. By giving these items some TLC, you can make sure you’re not spreading germs throughout the home.

Survey your safety

It can be too easy to slack off when it comes to the safety of our homes and our families, when it is by far the most important thing to stay on top of. This spring, commit to surveying the safety of appliances throughout the home. This will help you stay safe for the next year and catch up on any maintenance you’ve maybe neglected. Some areas of your home to double check are your smoke alarms, your fire extinguishers and your gas heaters. Do this now to ensure peace of mind.


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