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Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Want to make your rental feel like your own home but don’t want money taken out of your bond for Blu-Tack and nails in the wall? Or do you feel like you’re on the move too much as a renter to really put down your roots? With home ownership feeling out of reach for many millennials, we’ve compiled some tips on how you can make where you live feel like your home regardless of how long you’ve got on the lease.

Invest in the right things

Petria Leggo from Coco Rose Interiors suggests renters should put their money towards what matters:

“Invest in high use items like your couch, dining table, art etc. They are sure to be a talking point when guests first enter your room. These items will instantly draw focus to your design purpose and from there encourage the eye to wander to more delicate decor pieces.”

Choose key items from the MyDeal furniture range such as stylish sofas and sturdy bed frames and check out the Coco Rose Interiors Instagram for style inspiration.

Get artsy

When renting, it’s usually not possible to make any statement changes to the property. However, this doesn’t have to hold back your creative flair. Vanessa Jones from Wall Art Prints suggests that there are still some things “within your reach that you can easily implement to not just make your place feel like home but to be a standout, funky place that you will just never want to leave— without having to upset your landlords.

Incorporating eye-catching wall art into your décor is a must. Whether you’re into urban graffiti looks, boho chic styles or sophisticated cubism art, there’s a range to suit your tastes and help you personalise your space and décor.”

Check out the Wall Art Prints blog or Facebook for ideas on decking out your rental home.

Work with the existing aesthetic

There’s no point trying to force an industrial aesthetic on a daggy 70s townhouse. Embrace the natural beauty of your rental instead! Older properties with outdated carpets or wall paint can be made to look super kitschy and cute with accessories and decor items from that era. Try op-shopping to find unique pieces that will truly work in your space.

Add a personal touch

What better way to make your home feel like your own than by adding personal touches? Proudly display your happy snaps, family mementos and souvenirs throughout the house to really feel at home. You can also personalise your rental by getting crafty – try sewing your own pillow covers or proudly displaying your jewellery in a way that is both functional and pretty.

Have a home for everything

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep your rental clinically organised. The premise here is that all your belongings should, well, feel like they belong. Allow yourself to inhibit the space fully with small touches like a catch-all dish by the door, a shoe rack and a coat stand instead of feeling like you’re living out of your suitcase.


Go green

Capable of breathing life into the most sterile of places, plants are an easy way to change the feel of your rental home. Professional AirBnB stylists and chill say:

“These living and breathing organisms help to improve your quality of life in more ways than just aesthetics. Not only are they capable of detoxifying your air and improving your environment, but they also have the ability to boost our moods and combat loneliness. Caring for a living thing and seeing it grow is super rewarding, especially if you’ve had it for a long time. Having indoor plants in rentals are a super easy way of turning any place into a home, as you bring your green companion (now symbolic of your home) with you through every place you live.”

Get more home styling inspiration from and chill’s Instagram.

Rug it up

Ugly carpets tend to be a feature of many rental properties, especially older ones. Remedy this problem by adding a gorgeous rug. If the whole property is a bit dull, consider a vivid Persian rug, or if you’ve already got some bold furnishings going on, go the minimalist Scandinavian route. A rug also works wonders at tying a space together, which is especially good for creating a sense of cohesion in a student share house.

Install new hardware

If you’re able to make some small enhancements to your space, updating your hardware is an easy way to bring your rental into the modern era. Try gold door knobs and handles for a luxe touch without the price tag.

Make these simple tweaks to your rental home to make it feel lived-in and tailored to you.


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