Sunday, May 9, 2021

What’s Your Rose, Thorn and Bud?

This past year, as we’ve had sooooo many dinners as a family, we have started the age-old tradition of rose, thorn, bud. Want to play it? Here’s how it works…

Basically, everyone goes around and shares a rose (a positive thing that happened that day), a thorn (a negative thing that happened that day) and a bud (something they’re looking forward to).

The conversation starter works much better than vaguely asking “how was your day?” Once I read that asking your young child about their busy day at school is like asking an adult, “How were the last 20 years of your life?”

I love hearing about the boys’ ups and downs, like having a new crush or dreading a science project (although Anton often says his rose is “screen time,” groan). Also, it’s nice to share mine, even though I’m always such a Mom™: “My rose is hanging out with you guys!!!!!!”

So! On this spring afternoon, I’d love to ask you: What’s the rose, thorn and bud in your life right now? Generally, what are you happy about, worried about and looking forward to? I would love to hear. xo

P.S. Six ways to get your kids to talk at dinner, and happiness vs. wholeness.

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