Monday, May 10, 2021

What Jeans Are You Into These Days?

This spring, skinny jeans were deemed uncool. It made me laugh because I cannot keep up (and of course we can still love and wear them), but! I’ve been curious to try other shapes. Here are four favorites…

Joanna Goddard favorite jeans

First off, I love the fit of AGolde jeans. Have you ever tried them? They always seem to hit and skim at all the right spots. The exact pair above isn’t available anymore, but this mid-rise straight-leg pair is very similar.

crew wide leg jeans

What do you think about these denim trousers? They have that Jane Birkin sailor vibe for warm breezy days.

Levi's straight leg jeans

I’m also digging this Levi’s straight leg. The relaxed fit feels vintage, and the wedgie back is always sexy.

Finally, these jeans have a little flair, but are roomy overall. They’d be comfy for bike rides and sitting outside drinking rosé.

Also, there was a compelling conversation in the comments section the other day — about how fashion doesn’t have to be flattering. It can be sculptural or playful or comfortable. Says Ro: “Not every clothing item has to be ‘flattering.’ In fact, I find trends that fly in the face of our traditionally accepted body proportion so cool and fun.” What do you think?

What jeans are you wearing these days? I’d love to hear.

P.S. Do or don’ts, including gingham and sharing at restaurants.

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