11 Books Every Millennial Needs to Read

By | August 26, 2018

Most millennials are constantly seeking out ways they can improve themselves, stay ahead of the curve and set themselves up for the best possible future. A timeless way of doing this is by picking up a book! Reading opens your eyes to new worlds and new ways of thinking, with self-development and fiction books alike helping you along your journey into adulthood. However, a quick browse of the MyDeal Books & Media section goes to show what a dizzying array of books there are on the market! To make it easier to work out which books are worth a read, we asked some of our favourite bookworms for their suggestions.

Liliane Grace | Author

Liliane Grace, author of ‘The Hidden Order – Can You See It?’ and ‘The Mastery Club’, believes books can teach every young person valuable lessons:

  • “They say we ‘didn’t come with an instruction manual’, schools haven’t typically done a great job of teaching life skills, and not many young people enjoy wading through ‘how to have a good life’ books – but we all need those skills, right? My books might not yet be classics but they deliver critical, practical information for young people, and they do it through the entertaining medium of story. Relax into an imaginary world with contemporary characters who are dealing with challenges and issues like yours – whether relationships, financial, health, you’ll be sure to learn some useful tips in these books.”

 Liliane’s books can whisk you away into a world where everything feels a-okay! Find out more on her website.

Ellen Ronalds Keene | Life and Wellbeing Coach | Podcaster | Digital Content and Curriculum Consultant

The multi-talented Ellen from Self Care for Teachers is certainly well-read! Her top two book recommendations are:

  • “Every millennial (and every person) should read ‘Your Money or Your Life’ by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. It is a very different kind of financial book, in that it helps you change the way you relate to money in order to live life more intentionally. I am a millennial and read it myself when I was about 24. It dramatically shaped the way I approached career decisions in the second part of my 20s so that I prioritised health and life over the most financially rewarding options. No regrets, whatsoever. Highly recommend it.”
  • “The second book recommendation is particularly for women, although I believe men will find value in it also. ‘The Dance of Anger’ by Harriet Lerner is probably the most enlightening book I’ve ever read. It’s about the dynamics in relationships (not just romantic, all relationships) and why women should pay attention to their anger. It is extremely relatable and explains how women can get out of the trap of being either the people pleasing doormat or the harsh nagger. Very, very important book for all women to read, I believe.”

With Ellen’s suggestions, millennials can get on top of their finances and their relationships! Find out more about Ellen on her website, Instagram or Facebook.

Karen Chaston | Author

Karen Chanston, author of ‘Live Love by Design’ recommends a variety of books to assist millennials in every aspect of their lives:

  • “Of course my #1 recommendation would be my book, Live Love By Design. This truly contains the wisdom that I wish had been available when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It shares how people can design and then create the life of their dreams where they Live and Love Each and Every Day. Love who they are. Love their life and create their dreams faster.”

 Curious to have a read? If you visit the Live Love By Design website, you can download the complete book as a PDF. Karen’s other top 3 recommendations include:



Yours Truly

As a writer and millennial myself, some of my favourite reads include:



Take your pick from MyDeal’s extensive range of books (seriously, we have over 100,000 books and audio books!) to help yourself or a loved one along their journey into adulthood.


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