How Wine Can Be Healthy For You

By | August 27, 2018

Wine is one of the world’s most highly consumed beverages. Unlike some of the other beverages on this list, like soft drinks, wines have been scientifically proven to be healthy. Particularly with red wines consumed moderately, you can receive benefits such as making your heart healthier, guarding against certain cancers, improvement of mental health, better sleep, reducing the size of your sugar tooth after dinner, better dental hygiene, acne treatment, and even increasing your overall lifespan. Many of these benefits stem from the large amounts of resveratrol found in red wine. Achieving the same results through other means could prove to be more difficult and inconvenient.

A Healthier Heart

Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of grapes, hence why there’s a lot of it in red wine. It can improve cardiovascular health and help prevent heart diseases. Usually, people resort to dieting and exercising for these benefits. Though a healthy process, it takes more time and energy which is often off-putting. With wine, you wouldn’t really have to change your diet. You could have balanced cholesterol levels from a moderate intake of this beverage. Red wine also helps individuals with type-2 diabetes. It’s so beneficial to the heart that the American Heart Association even recommends this moderate intake.

Protection from Particular Cancers

Colon and lung cancer are just two examples of what red wine can possibly prevent. Resveratrol can potentially reduce the size of tumors found in the colon. Red wine could help with overall lung health by boosting its overall function. An investigation has found that red wine can also prevent the multiplication of lung cancer cells.

Improving the Mind

Studies have shown that resveratrol can ward off dementia. It helps keep the blood flowing to the brain by keeping blood platelets from sticking to each other. This, in turn, allows the blood vessels to stay open and clear. After suffering from a stroke, an individual can very likely obtain brain damage. Red wine could help reduce the chances of receiving this kind of harm. Finally, researchers have found that wine drinkers can be at less risk of being depressed.

Better Sleep

Those who drank a moderate amount of wine have reported having a higher quality of sleep. Wine can also help an individual fall to slumber quicker. This can be useful for those who may be dealing with stress in their lives and find it difficult to fall asleep. Exercise may help with sleep, but it’s also less convenient than a glass of wine before bed. Paired with a comfortable mattress and durable bed frame, you’ll be set for a great night’s sleep!

Reduced Cravings for Dessert After Dinner

You might be looking after your sugar intake, but have trouble resisting the sweet taste of after-dinner dessert. Having a glass of wine with your dinner could reduce these cravings significantly. Plus, red wine goes great with this meal.

Better Dental Hygiene

Specifically, this delicious beverage can prevent dental cavities. Red wine helps get rid of the bacteria that grows on your teeth. That means that the chances of you receiving tooth decay is decreased. Another dental benefit is that red wine contains chemicals that can assist in fighting gum disease.

Acne Treatment

There used to be all kinds of debates about which foods and beverages can cause or prevent acne. With improvements in science, we can now deduce that red wine does indeed help treat acne. Red wine acts as a sort of enhancement towards treating acne. Combining this with topical treatment of benzoyl peroxide could help increase the effect of the antibacterial substance. Red wine contains an antioxidant that fights off the bacteria that causes acne.

Increasing Your Overall Lifespan

Thanks to the resveratrol in red wine, you could age at a slower rate than normal. That’s because it activates special genes that fight natural aging. Some people resort to plastic surgery to make themselves look younger. Red wine works on the genetic level to help keep you looking youthful.

Many people try more difficult methods to achieve some of the goals mentioned above. A good number of them may be happy to find that the answer was wine all along. Keep in mind that, in order for the benefits above to apply, wine intake should be moderate. That could mean about one glass a day. If you want to be more sure about how much wine you should consume, then consult your doctor or physician. Theories have been tested and there is so much more to discover about the potential benefits of red wine. Until additional information comes out, get out your favorite wine glass and bottoms up.

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