Top Tips for a Healthy & Happy Home

By | September 11, 2018

Want to create a healthier and happier home environment? Here are the dos and don’ts to abide by for a truly liveable home. 

Home decor

Don’t hang onto daggy decor

The art and decor in your home surrounds you at all times, so it makes sense that these items will also affect your mood. If the art you have in your home no longer represents your tastes or interests or has bad memories attached to it, it’s time to donate, sell or give it away to friends. Getting rid of decor items that remind you of things you’d rather not think about is sure to be a freeing experience!

Do invest in decor that speaks to you

Instead, opt for pieces that remind you of good times, make you smile, motivate you or represent your personality to a tee. Try using mementos you’ve picked up while travelling for a unique angle, or shop MyDeal’s Home & Garden range for quality items that are sure to brighten up your space.



Don’t introduce distractions

The bedroom is meant to be the one area of the home where we can relax and recharge for the next day. Unfortunately, too many people keep their phones, laptops and even TVs in their bedroom, creating a chaotic and overstimulating space that is not conducive to sleep at all. Candles are often thought of as a good addition to tranquil bedrooms, but be careful that the candles you choose aren’t overpowering.

Do strip back your bedroom

Try to take your bedroom back to the basics in every way – soft crisp linens, a neutral colour scheme and simple, quality bed frame. This will help you create a meditative space that is conducive to winding down after a long day and waking up refreshed in the morning.


Don’t let clutter overwhelm you

Physical clutter often translates to mental clutter, with Kylie Harding from Styled to Sell pointing out that “…having too much ‘stuff’ creates a sensory overload. Dust collects, air flow decreases and when you look around, your eyes have nowhere to rest.” As an anecdote to this, coach and speaker Matt Mahalo says: “Try starting small with letting go of anything you haven’t used for the last 3 months and then work your way up to getting rid of larger things when you feel inspired by the increasing sense of serenity it brings.”

Visit Matt’s website for more of his insights on minimalism.

Do be selective with what you keep

While decluttering, Kylie says “You don’t have to throw away your other ornaments – choose a theme, maybe ‘things from my travels’, and pack away your other items. Rotate them when the season changes, e.g. summer can be displays of glass items. Remember that decluttering doesn’t mean de-voiding your life of memories and character.”

Visit the Styled To Sell Facebook page for more inspiration.


Don’t spend energy on what you don’t enjoy

Too often, we do things simply because we feel we should, instead of whether we actually enjoy it. Have a huge garden that you don’t like tending to? Or a closet full of clothes but you’re not even that into fashion? This shows that your home is dedicated to things that don’t bring you joy.

Do make space for activities you love

Anastasia Dinos from Mood Design encourages us to style our homes with our favourite activities in mind, suggesting:

“List down the activities you absolutely love! It could be cooking, watching sunsets, reading, sewing etc. Make sure your home is set up in a way that allows you to do more of that. For example, if you love to cook, make the kitchen the centre of your home by creating more dining space to cook for the ones you love! Give yourself one month to make those changes.”

Do your best to equip your home for the things you love to do so that you can improve your overall quality of life. By adopting these tips, you can turn your home into a haven. 


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