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Top Aussie Influencers to Keep Your Eye On

MyDeal are committed to celebrating Aussies who are making a difference using their online influence. We are excited to present 11 up-and-coming influencers that we believe are making a real mark on Australian society – listen to them tell you about their work in their own words.

Mim Jenkinson

Writer & Blogger

“I’m Mim and I blog at about my life as a mum, how I stay organised and my recent experience with a breast cancer diagnosis. I’m a mother of two small children (a five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son). I’m also the Founder of the Self-Start Mums Facebook group, an online mums group for self-employed mums.

Being a good enough mum doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. There just isn’t enough time, money or energy do to everything! I help mums work out what their priorities are so that they can focus their time on what’s most important. I share simple solutions to help busy mums get things done and have more time to spend with their families and on themselves.
I’m passionate about living life to the full in a positive way and inspiring others to do so too. I thrive on finding ways to be more productive, organised and happy!
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015, I now dedicate my time to improving my family’s health, making the most of each second and building a bright and happy future for my family.”

See more of Mim’s inspirational life on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa Cox

Author & Speaker

“Instagram’s full of ‘perfect’ people. I don’t fit the stereotype which is partly why I post, so people see diversity. I’m creating visibility for disability! About 20% of people have a disability but our representation in all media does not reflect that.

Having spent years working in corporate advertising agencies around Australia, I realised the power of visual messaging. I’m fusing my professional/personal backgrounds to create change. I love using social media to tell my +14K followers about bigger issues and use it as a vehicle for social change (rather than just a heap of airbrushed, sponsored selfies).”

Get more body positive inspiration on Lisa’s website, Instagram and Facebook.

Susanna Tolo


“My name is Susanna and I have an Instagram page called coastalhamptonstyle. My page is all about home design and home decorating, in particular Coastal and Classic homes. I started in October 2016 and I wanted to create a page where people with similar interests could come and find everything in one page, a place where you could discuss anything related to homes and get recommendations and sources, a page where you could create relationships.

In this journey I have documented our own home renovation (still ongoing) via Insta Stories and have taken my followers on a journey! I’m all about renovating on a budget and taking everyone along for the ride.

I do many home tours and also tours of me shopping for Items. My Motto is ‘if people make an effort to write on your post, you should make an effort to reply’, and I always do my very best to do just that. I think that’s what makes my page so successful – I have made some amazing relationships and people have gotten to know me through my Insta Stories. I hope you take a moment to come and say hi!”

Visit Susanna’s Instagram and website for interior inspiration.

Maz Schirmer

Author & Innovator

“I should be dead, but I help people instead.

I spent the first 30 years of my life trapped in cycles of domestic violence and sexual abuse. At 31 years old, as a single mother of 4, I experienced a sudden ‘wake-up call’ that turned my life around.

Now I relieve suffering from people who have experienced trauma or depression. I’ve developed tools and support people to feel worthy that their life is worth fighting for.

I am the founder of the charity ‘Rise Above It’, the training company ‘Global Transformatrix®’ and ‘Institute of Women International’.

My mission is to set 10 million hearts free from mental and emotional struggle.”

Visit Maz’s website as well as those of her other programs and initiatives: Institute of Women, Global Transformatrix and Rise Above It.

Kristy Forbes

Writer & Speaker

“I’m a writer, advocate, speaker and consultant for autism. I am also a mother of four daughters who are on the autism spectrum and the founder of inTune Pathways. I have an extensive background in early childhood education, primary and secondary teaching and working as an early childhood behavioural consultant.

However, my following has begun to increase since I dropped a huge bomb earlier this year that I am, in fact, autistic myself.

I’m changing the lives of families by teaching them the positive aspects of an autistic experience and by helping to create more harmonious family lives for families with children on the spectrum by translating autistic behaviours in schools and at home.

A piece I’ve written titled ‘We Are Proud Autistic Women” has gone viral and is now being used in a documentary on female autism in Iceland.

I advocate for understanding, acceptance and embracing autism as a neurodiversity!”

Visit Kristy’s Facebook and Instagram for more insights on autism. 

Charlotte White


“I run the website Food Fitness Fashion and an Instagram by the handle @foodfitnessfashion_fff. I’m a Sydney based lifestyle influencer who is passionate about sharing my ‘everygirl’ journey through health and fitness. I love showing how you don’t need to be a full-time fitness model to find the time to be active. You don’t need to spend hundreds at the health store to eat in an exciting and balanced way. And finally, you don’t need to shop designer to sweat it in style! Join me as I share my most effective sweat-sessions, most delicious health-sensations, and try to do it all in (moderate) style.”

Visit Charlotte’s website and Instagram for relatable fitness inspiration.

Anthony Bianco

Writer & Blogger

“I run The Travel Tart – Offbeat Tales From a Travel Addict. love writing about the funny, offbeat and downright unusual aspects of world travel today. Think the things that go wrong on the road and the signs that don’t quite translate well into English. I’ve somehow managed to gain some great experiences from the blog, including having my first surfing lesson with Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo, and meeting Nelson Mandela’s former warden on Robben Island. And I’ve also been miraculously been let into the Australian Society of Travel Writers!

Visit Anthony’s website, Instagram and Facebook to see his adventures in action.

Dorothy Polka


“I’m Dorothy ‘Dot’ Polka a.k.a Ms Polka Dot. I simply love love. So I want to change the way we think about weddings and celebrations. I firmly believe wedding planning and the big day itself should make people feel good, connected and inspired (not stressed out, competitive…or broke). I also believe everyone deserves love. That’s why I actively endeavor to showcase diverse couples on my blog and social media pages.”

Visit the Polka Dot Bride website, Instagram or Facebook for some dreamy wedding inspiration.

Sveti Williams


“My name is Sveti Williams I am a sleepologist. I began my influence about the importance of sleep a year ago. I help people understand the dangers of poor sleep and recognise the link between poor sleep and their emotional and physical struggles in their day to day life.

I have students in 124 countries, have published a book called ‘Fix My Sleep’, and was invited to become a speaker for the Heart Foundation (they are now changing their preventative and recovery programs to include education about sleep). I have recently been selected as a finalist for the AusMumpreneur business awards. I believe I am successfully influencing people globally about sleep to bring it to the knowledge where nutrition and exercise are in the minds of people and the education system.”

Gain more insight from Sveti by visiting her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Julian Van der Waal

Coach & Speaker

“It’s all about the ripple effect, not where they start but by the right mentors, guidance and coaching we aim to allow individuals the best possible chance at their successful life.

‘Empower Individuals for Success’ is our mantra at Spartan Alliance and we have coached people from never doing any sales into 6 figure salaries, leading teams of 10+ and becoming company leaders in various industries. Beyond that, some have incorporated their own million dollar company.

To know that we have had this kind of effect of young people’s lives is an incredible feeling and one that even after 10 years is still apparent in my day, every day.”

Visit the Spartan Alliance website or Instagram for more motivation.

Amy Revell

Professional Organiser

“I am an author, podcaster, blogger and have a passion to help people find freedom through decluttering and organising their homes.

I co-host the popular Art of Decluttering podcast, which has reached nearly half a million listeners since its launch.

I love helping people to achieve transformation in their homes through my 1:1 VIP services as well as through online courses and workshops.

Appearing regularly on TV, radio and in print as an industry leader, I am passion to share my message and see life transformation.”

Visit the Simply Organised website or Amy’s Facebook for decluttering motivation.


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