Top 5 Things that You Should Not Move to Your New Home

By | October 8, 2018

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to ditch some of those belongings that you have ‘accidentally’ attained over the years whilst never actually planning on using them. It will be a welcome relief once you have ditched them – trust us.

However, what are some of the things we have to leave behind but wish we didn’t?

1. The Garden

Although you might have grown attached to your garden during the period of living there, it can be really unhealthy for the trees and plants that you attempt to move to your new home. As opposed to risking the death of your favourite trees and plants, leave the garden how it is, as you can always grow another garden once you have arrived at your new home.

However, if you desperately want your garden to make the move with you, ensure that you utilise the services of removalists who are experienced in the ways of moving plants and gardens.

2. The Bird House

If you have maintained a bird house at your current home and have enjoyed a variety of birds flying by whilst you lived there, it’s for the best that you leave the bird house right where it is. This is simply because the birds you have had drop by become accustomed to using the house and it is unfair on them to take it away.

Instead, just leave some seeds behind for the new tenants so that they can keep the same birds coming in and enjoying the house’s services.

3. The Fixtures

Whilst you may want to take certain fixtures such as fancy cupboard handles and chandeliers with you, especially if you invested in them, it’s for the best that they simply stay where they are. If you simply can’t make the move without these special fixtures make sure you replace them before you move. Otherwise, the new residents of the property will come in to the home and find missing door handles, lights, whatever it may be that you decided to take with you without the thought of replacing. Doesn’t really sound fair, does it?

4. The Things that Have Become Obsolete


Although you should never leave any possessions behind in a house when moving, that doesn’t mean it should make the move with you. Get rid of those possessions you simply have no use for, because, of course, what is the use in putting time and effort into taking possessions you have no use for? Consider holding a garage sale before you make the move: it’s one of the best ways to make money through downsizing.

Otherwise, you can simply donate or give away the items you have no use for: it is a good way to clean the place whilst giving others a helping hand. You can can even enlist the services of a professional organiser to help you sort the items you no longer need. If there are possessions you own that you don’t currently need but will in the future, consider putting them into storage, using the services of pallet racking professionals, as they will be there for you when you need them.

5. A Gift for New Residents

Consider leaving behind a gift or helpful note for the new residents of the property. An example of this could be a note explaining how specific items work in the household, as well as best local restaurants/cafes or a bottle of wine as a simple gesture of goodwill. You can even get in touch with your local garden services professional to tidy up the backyard for them before they move in. One of the most frustrating jobs that has to be done when moving into a new home is fixing the garden, so this would be much appreciated by the new owners. Think of how much you would love and appreciate stepping into a new property to find a cheeky little gift for you – a lovely touch.

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