Give Your Customers a Compelling Reason To Buy Your Product | by Amid Sedghi

By | February 8, 2020

This is a continuation of a series of blogs on subjects discussed in Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm.

In the previous blog, we realized how to go about making a decision on which market segment to dominate. Such a low data high-risk decision required an intuitive approach that consisted of creating customer characterizations and a rating system that distinguished which market segment is best to attack.

To purchase any product, the buyer needs a compelling reason so our product needs to be superior in comparison to its alternatives. This becomes the main goal when targeting a niche market so much so that we ought to establish a monopoly.

As with any marketing campaign, there will be slight differences between the promise and the deliverable product. To ensure smooth market domination, we ought to pay attention to the completeness of our product: The Whole Product Model. Moore describes the product completeness as an onion-layered circle where there are 4 layers:

  • Generic product: the general features to be shipped
  • Expected product: the minimum functionalities expected from the product
  • Augmented product: the product with the highest possibility of meeting user needs and expectations
  • Potential product: the product with high growth potential as feature additions are deliverable

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