The Best Beauty Presents for Mother’s Day

By | April 22, 2021

Naomi Watts has some pretty idyllic plans for Mother’s Day: “Hopefully there’ll be breakfast in bed (my favorite tradition), handwritten notes, flowers, and a date with myself in the bath,” says the actress, cofounder of the ONDA beauty boutiques in NYC and Sag Harbor, and mom of two.

Like many of us, Watts is a firm believer in the power of the beauty gift, in particular the clean beauty gift. “People need to feel better, and we know mums especially need pampering,” she says. “So it’s with great satisfaction that we were able to pull together the Mama Box, with a candle, salts, body serum, a good cleanser, the GOOPGLOW 15% peel pads, and more,” she says. “I mean, what more does a mama need? Spreading the clean beauty mission to everyone brings us great joy.”

The best gift almost always involves a little beauty and pampering, so we’ve put together our very favorite presents to give and to get, all of them deliverable well in time for Mother’s Day.

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