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30 People Share Stories About “Professionals” Who Had Some Controversial Opinions

It’s one factor in case your Uncle Dave mentioned he would not imagine in time. But it might be a totally totally different dialog if the identical phrases got here out of a clockmaker.

Inspired by a tweet the place a microbiologist expressed his disappointment after studying that certainly one of their colleagues was an anti-vaxxer, Reddit consumer u/MoniMokshith made a post on r/facepalm, saying “I had to teach a historical geology class because the geologist who was supposed to teach [it] was a Young Earth Creationist.”

The put up instantly blew up. As of this text, it has over 98K upvotes. And that is not even probably the most spectacular half. The remark part bought crammed with comparable tales, with individuals speaking about “professionals” who made a profession regardless of their controversial — and infrequently contradictory — private views. Here are a few of them.

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Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I’m an RN and labored with FAR too many individuals within the healthcare subject as a complete (not simply different nurses, but in addition lab employees, RT’s, pharmacists, hell even some MD’s) who assume/thought COVID was a hoax or “greatly exaggerated” and are actually refusing the brand new vaccine, despite the fact that all of us KNOW how mRNA and vaccines work. Plenty of anti-maskers too. It’s like they only used their levels as tissue paper or one thing, I critically do not get how one can be taught what we be taught, perceive it effectively sufficient to observe within the subject, and but nonetheless permit political stances to override all that, it is freaking ridiculous.

zombie_goast , Jonathan Borba Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I’m an ICU nurse of about 10 years. I might sometimes float to our common, non-icu and non-covid flooring. Plenty of nurses who denied how severe covid was.

The cognitive dissonance is actual. Of course none of them got here as much as assistance on our covid models

ThisisMalta · , Hush Naidoo Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions My highschool biology trainer was a brilliant spiritual creationist. He taught us about evolution whereas telling us how he thought it was all bulls**t. I at all times puzzled why individuals go into professions which are immediately against their beliefs. Seems like a depressing existence.

Zeno_The_Alien , pxhere Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I’ve labored with an aerospace/aeronautical engineer as soon as that believed the earth was flat. It was so bizarre as a result of to ensure that the calculations to operate correctly, it’s important to bear in mind of the earth not being flat.

humanCharacter , pxhere Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions Used to be a science trainer and I at all times bought flack on the evolution chapter from dad and mom that had been medical doctors. Like babe I hope you not less than imagine in micro organism and viruses evolving…

I’ve additionally come throughout many nurses who do not assume psychological sickness is actual.

deathbychips2 , Andrew Neel Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions Degree is Psychology right here. So many friends with religious religion, one mind lifeless moron took psychology as a means “to know god better” he instructed me and convert extra to Jesus.

Once took a course actually known as, “Belief in Weird Things” which was for Psych majors. 300 college students enrolled, practically half dropped out as a result of they had been offended sooner or later after we broke down their bizarre beliefs.

Melancholic_Mando , Startup Stock Photos Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions Professional cook dinner right here. Near the start of the pandemic I heard a couple of Sous Chef I labored with previously being an anti-masker. I requested by the grapevine why he washes his palms earlier than and after dealing with meals and the reply was “that’s common sense”. But someway the scientific medical group saying that masks assist forestall diseases is only a huge hoax. It’s past irritating.

SilkwormAbraxas , Tanya Gorelova Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions My mother’s actually into homepoathy bulls**t (treating diseases with the souls of components or no matter). She’s a pharmacist.

S0mber_ , Bru-nO Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I bear in mind a number of Evangelists and one Catholic ( odd since most Catholics I do know aren’t creationists) in my main (geography) saying they knew the reality in regards to the age of the earth, however needed to lie on assessments (courses like oil&fuel, hydrology, geology,and many others.) so as to get good grades.

How Christian are you whenever you break one of many 10 commandments and lie about your religion so as to get forward?

lurked_long_enough , Armin Rimoldi Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I labored with a former airline PILOT who was/is a flat earther. He has since went again to being a pilot however I’m not positive if he nonetheless thinks Earth is flat. When I pressed him on being a former pilot and believing malarkey he claimed the colleges indoctrination into spherical earth didn’t work on him and that the pilots windscreen was a really thick and curved glass that made the whole lot seem like curved.

epidemic , imcckpit Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I work with a medicine aide that refuses to take medicine and actively preaches god>medicine. Apparently god isn’t paying her payments so she nonetheless retains coming to work.

WhaleIfItIsntJonah , Polina Tankilevitch Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I do know a dude who works within the oil subject who would not imagine in dinosaurs. “Fossil fuels”

roosell1986 , pxhere Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions Last profession I had, knew individuals who had been flat earthers and moon touchdown deniers…we had been all satellite tv for pc communications engineers.

Nerdeinstein , pxhere Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I do know somebody who doesn’t imagine in germ idea. We work for an organization that builds water sterilization.

Link9454 , Anna Shvets Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I labored with a wildland firefighter who was a local weather change denier. We fought extra wild fires. We bought far more OT over 3 years. Yet didnt imagine it was true science and began to complain he couldnt take pleasure in his summers resulting from work….lol

hangout_wangout , oconino National Forest Report

I work with somebody who thinks bloodletting is a cure-all.

I work in a youngsters’s most cancers ward.

Auto-Harper-587 Report

I work with a locomotive engineer who’s a flat earther and in addition mentioned that gravity is a hoax. I can snicker on the flat earth half however not believing in gravity on a fright prepare within the mountains appears a bit of loopy to me.

Blackflipflop Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I used to work with a geologist who used to assume minerals (“crystals”) may heal you even from most cancers.

xenascus , Antranias Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions One of my lecturers (it wasn’t a biology trainer) made me do a homework to show that dinosaurs aren’t mammals as, for him, mammals are animals with lungs.

Cocokill , Fausto García-Menéndez Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I labored with somebody who had a PhD in genetics however was younger earth creationist. She couldn’t appear to grasp phylogenetic diagrams, ineffective as supervisor to PhD college students, seeing as she was incapable of discussing quite a lot of extremely related subjects.

Practical-Purchase-9 , National Cancer Institute Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions My mother is a geologist and she or he labored with somebody who was a younger earth creationist. That individual’s excuse was “god created rocks that were 4.6 billion years old”. I suppose if it really works it really works, however that is senseless to me

IWishIWasAGoomba , mdherren Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I labored with a man who’s earlier job had been designing missile launch programs who additionally thought the earth was flat, I’m not solely positive how he slept at night time

punkerster101 , Official U.S. Navy Page Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I needed to educate a historic geology class as a result of the geologist who was supposed to show is was a Young Earth Creationist.

MoniMoksith , Diego Delso Report

Professionals-With-Controversial-Personal-Opinions I’ve met a PhD in Chemistry from a prime 5 college that was anti-vax. Their PhD work truly concerned the evaluation of heavy metals in an setting and the way it impacted a childs probability to develop autism. I bought into it with them, they usually had been capable of reference a handful of scholarly papers to justify their stance.

howmuchforthissquirr , Report

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