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Beware UN Food Systems Summit Trojan Horse — Global Issues

  • Opinion by Jomo Kwame Sundaram (kuala lumpur, malaysia)
  • Inter Press Service

UN-led multilateralism threatened
The collapse of the Soviet Union, the top of the Cold War and seemingly unchallenged US dominance within the Nineteen Nineties posed new threats to UN-led multilateralism. The World Trade Organization was arrange in 1995 outdoors the UN system. Later, ‘recalcitrant’ Secretary-General (SG) Boutros-Ghali was blocked from a second time period.

The 4 UN Development Decades from the Sixties ended with the lofty, Secretariat-drafted Millennium Declaration, bypassing Member State involvement. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been then elaborated by the UN Development Programme with scant Member State session.

Growing company sway within the UN system obtained a giant enhance with the UN Global Compact. Such influences have affected governance of UN businesses, now higher generally known as the World Health Organization struggles to comprise the pandemic.

Difficult negotiations adopted rising growing nation disappointment with the MDGs, not delivering on local weather finance as promised in 2009, and failure to higher deal with the 2008 world monetary disaster and its aftermath.

Hence, the negotiated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) compromise enjoys better legitimacy than the MDGs. However, attaining Agenda 2030 was undermined from the outset as wealthy nations blocked wanted funding on the third UN Financing for Development summit in mid-2015.

Summit bypasses UN processes
In the final dozen years after the 2008 world meals value spike, the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) has turn into an inclusive discussion board for civil society and company pursuits to debate how greatest to advance meals safety. Unsurprisingly, CFS has lengthy addressed meals techniques.

CFS’s High-Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) is extensively acknowledged as competent, having ready balanced and complete stories on issues of present and sure future concern. In the UN system, CFS is now seen as a ‘multistakeholder’ engagement mannequin for emulation. Yet, the Summit bypassed CFS from the outset.

Nominally answering to the UNSG, Summit processes have been largely set by a small, largely unaccountable coterie. UNFSS organisers initially moved forward with out consultant stakeholder participation till his intervention led to some consultative processes.

Mainly funded by the WEF and a few main companions, they continue to be aware of who pays the piper. Hence, they primarily promote supposedly ‘game-changing’, ‘scalable’ and investment-inducing options claiming to supply technological fixes.

Agroecology innovation
An HLPE report has approvingly thought-about agroecology or ‘nature-based solutions’. Many scientists have been working with meals producers for many years to extend meals productiveness, output, variety and resilience by means of higher agroecological practices, thus chopping prices and enhancing sustainability.

The proof is unambiguous that agroecology has delivered much better outcomes than ‘Green Revolution’ improvements. A survey of virtually 300 giant ecological agriculture initiatives in additional than fifty poor nations reported rising farmer incomes resulting from decrease prices and a 79% common productiveness improve.

This contrasts with the report of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) launched in 2006. With funding from the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, it promised to double yields and incomes for 30 million smallholder farm households by 2020. Despite a lot authorities spending, yields hardly rose as rural poverty grew.

Agroecological improvements have proved efficient in opposition to infestations. Thus, safer, more practical biopesticides that don’t kill helpful bugs and microbes, and non-toxic options to agrochemical pesticides have been created.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) hosted its first International Agroecology Symposium in 2014, earlier than committing to ‘Scaling Up Agroecology’. But for Kip Tom, President Trump’s consultant, FAO was not “science-based”.

Demonising agroecology
The Gates Foundation has been funding the Cornell Alliance for Science, ostensibly to “depolarize the GMO debates” by offering coaching in “advanced agricultural biotechnology communications”. Why traditional agricultural practices can’t transform African agriculture is just one occasion of such sponsored propaganda masquerading as science.

Well-resourced lobbyists are utilizing the UNFSS to safe help and legitimacy for business agendas. With plentiful means, their advocacy routinely invokes ‘public-private partnerships’ and ‘science, technology and innovation’ rhetoric.

Forced to be extra inclusive, Summit organisers at the moment are utilizing ‘solution clusters’ for advocacy. They then construct broad ‘multi-stakeholder’ coalitions to advance purported options with the UNFSS mark of approval.

With sturdy and rising proof of agroecology’s progress and potential, propaganda in opposition to it has grown lately. Agroecology advocates are caricatured as ‘Luddite eco-imperialists’, ‘Keeping Africa on the Brink of Starvation’, and condemning farmers to ‘poverty, malnutrition and death’.

A public relations guide has accused agroecology advocates of being “the face of a ‘green’ neocolonialism” “idealizing peasant labour and retrograde subsistence farming” and denying “the Green Revolution’s successes”.

Agroecology options are the primary, if not solely ones in step with the UN’s overarching dedication to sustainable improvement. But the propagandists painting them as uninformed limitations to agricultural and social progress. Such deliberate deceptions block wanted meals system reforms.

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Michael Fakhri alerted UNFSS Special Envoy Agnes Kalibata that agroecology is being dismissed as backward when it must be central to the Summit. Concurrently President of AGRA, with its specific commitment to wanted meals system reform, she is in an unimaginable place.

Best Summit cash can purchase?
Investing within the Summit is securing legitimacy and extra assets from governments, the UN system, non-public philanthropy and others to additional their business agendas. Meanwhile, many are working in good religion to profit from the UN Summit.

Nevertheless, it’s setting a harmful precedent for the UN system. It has rashly opened a again door, permitting corporate-led ‘multi-stakeholderism’ to undermine well-tested, inclusive ‘multi-stakeholder’ preparations developed over a long time below multilateral Member State oversight.

UNFSS Science Days on 8 and 9 July indicated the Summit is being used to push for a new food science panel. This will undercut the HLPE, and in the end, the CFS. Hence, the UNFSS looks like a Trojan Horse to advance specific company pursuits, inadvertently undermining what UN-led multilateralism has come to imply.

As each CFS and HLPE are profitable UN establishments, the Summit will inevitably undermine its personal achievements. Hence, for a lot of Member States and civil society, UNFSS represents a step backward, fairly than ahead.

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