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Grip Width on Pulls

by stef bradford, PhD, SSC | September 16, 2020

Lifters generally use too huge a grip in
the deadlift and too slim a grip within the clear. This may occur due
to prioritizing consolation, copying different lifters, lax teaching, or
speeding throughout setup. When each errors happen in the identical lifter,
there is a good probability he is additionally overlooked the primary focus of every
elevate and the impression that small variations in method make because the
weight will get heavy.

In each the deadlift and the clear, the
grip connects the physique to the bar, with the arms performing as cables
that switch drive generated by the hips and legs to finish the
elevate. The beginning positions are comparable, however variations happen as a result of
of the vary of movement of the 2 lifts. The proper grip width
depends upon the matching the proportions of the lifter to the calls for
of the elevate that’s being carried out – drive manufacturing over a brief
distance within the deadlift vs energy manufacturing to speed up the bar to
the shoulders within the clear.


The deadlift grip is ready to prioritize
environment friendly switch of drive from physique to bar. Within the deadlift arrange,
the grip is as taken narrowly as attainable, simply outdoors the legs.
Which means getting the grip proper depends on first taking the
right stance. Assessment that right here.

A grip with arms hanging straight down
from the shoulder, perpendicular to the bar when seen from the
entrance, permits the deadlift to maximise drive manufacturing for 3

1) A slim grip minimizes second arms
on the hand and shoulder.

As a lifter trains the novice linear
development, grip energy ultimately turns into a limiting issue. At
some level, it will likely be mandatory for the grip on work units to be modified from a double overhand grip to a hook grip, alternate grip,
or straps to proceed to make progress. A slim
grip permits this break level to happen at a heavier weight for the reason that
hand is sq. to the bar and the fingers that contribute most to
gripping drive – the skin three – can wrap securely across the
bar to supply a robust grip.

Equally, the shut place of the
arm to the torso facilitates the job of the lats to tug the bar again
in opposition to the legs and stabilize the usual pulling place off the
flooring. That is the alternative finish of the spectrum from the a lot tougher
hand and shoulder place we see with the snatch or snatch grip deadlift.

2) A slim grip permits the hip angle
to be extra open initially of the elevate.

A grip taken with arms straight down
retains the arms lengthy, with no angle to artificially shorten them. For
many, a slight shift to a narrower grip will allow the lifter to set
their again in extension due to the less-challenging place.

3) A slim grip units up an environment friendly
ROM for the elevate from flooring to lockout.

We make the deadlift tougher by including
weight to the bar, not by compromising the mechanics of the elevate.
This permits it to be carried out in a constant, exact method and
for the stress to be incrementally elevated as we get stronger.


The beginning place of the clear is
superficially the identical because the deadlift, however the endpoint of the elevate
and the method for getting it there are fairly totally different. These
elements change how the grip width for the clear is optimized. Within the
clear, the bar is accelerated from the ground to a place on the
thigh from the place the bar can proceed straight up as vertically as
attainable because the hips and knees lengthen. The momentum generated carries
the bar excessive sufficient to permit it to be caught on the shoulders.  

clean grip width

The grip width have to be huge sufficient to
set up the right acceleration mechanics off the ground, to hit
the the right place on the leg in the course of the pull for a pleasant
clear vertical second pull, and to permit a safe place on the
physique for the rack. If the grip is just too slim, it hangs too low on the
thigh, rising the tendency to loop the bar ahead or to bend the
arms to sneak the bar increased up the leg earlier than exploding. Adjusting
the grip wider might help repair each tendencies.

For the reason that clear grip width balances
a number of elements, it may possibly take a number of rounds of adjustment to search out the
finest place. The place to begin is to take a grip within the hold
place that’s one hand-width wider than the one used for the
deadlift. The bar is then positioned within the rack place on the
shoulders and grip is adjusted – normally wider – to accommodate
anthropometry and suppleness. Further changes for the grip
are made on the third place – the “leaping” place – as we educate the elevate.

Most individuals balk at holding a wider
grip and should be prodded to maneuver it wider and to reset it to the
wider place after every rep. A large grip on the clear does a number of
issues to the elevate:

1) A wider grip “shortens” the arms
and retains the again extra horizontal via the underside of the pull.

If the grip is just too slim, it makes the
again angle too vertical for environment friendly acceleration via the
majority of the ROM of the pull. The longer second arm between the
hips and the bar created by a extra horizontal again angle is the
acceleration device used within the pull. It permits a extra environment friendly
“whip” via the underside and center of the pull that accelerates
the bar way more successfully than a extra vertical again angle.

2) A wider grip facilitates the rack by
permitting the arms to rotate up into place on the shoulders with out
the forearms pushing the bar into the throat.

3) The broader grip used within the clear
makes the beginning of the pull off the ground tougher.

The beginning place of the clear and the
deadlift are comparable, however not the identical. That is one motive the clear
is included it in The Program – it is a totally different stress than the
deadlift from set as much as begin to center to complete. Extra on that

The broader grip used for the clear makes
the grip much less safe, makes the job of the lats tougher, and places the
again angle in a extra horizontal place. Since a clear is restricted by
acceleration, not load, and since again energy is developed by the
heavier weights used within the deadlift, that is manageable. The
problem is to maneuver exactly in order that the right positions are
maintained because the bar is accelerated off the ground.

The early introduction of the hook grip
for the clear additionally helps counter the tougher place. The hook grip
is way more safe than the overhand grip and can maintain because the bar
is accelerated, greater than compensating for the stress of the broader
For many lifters, a hook grip additionally permits the bar to hold decrease in
the fingers, successfully lengthening the arms and minimizing the associated fee
of grip width to the the again angle.

Take inventory of the grip you might be utilizing
to your pulls, and regulate it to optimize your efficiency for every
elevate. It is value doing this on a periodic foundation to protect in opposition to kind creep in addition to to wonderful tune after altering gear – bar
diameter, sneakers, chalk – or gaining or shedding pounds.

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