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Guy Says “Vulgar” Women Are Damaged And Men Should Stay Away From Them – Gets Laughed At In The Comments

A person has sparked outrage on-line by claiming that ladies shouldn’t even use the phrase ‘vagina’ as a result of it’s “vulgar.”

Eric Amunga, identified on Twitter as @Amerix, is a reproductive drugs specialist, fats loss coach, and males’s well being advisor based mostly in Western Kenya. Last week, he addressed his 340K followers, tweeting, “Men, stay away from vulgar women.”

“A feminine, respectful woman values what she speaks or writes. A woman who easily says or writes ‘f***k’, ‘vagina’, ‘d**k’ is a NO,” Amunga added. “Vulgar women are damaged women who come with emotional baggage. FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE.”

There is lots in regards to the tweet that individuals took difficulty with, however they had been actually livid that Amunga included a scientific time period for a sexual organ on his checklist of “vulgar” phrases.

Last week, a person informed his 340K followers to keep away from vulgar ladies

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Later that day, he added {that a} girl is only a “passenger” in a person’s life

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And defined that “purity” and “submission” are the issues males really look in ladies

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“You are a ‘medical specialist’ in REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH or all things… and think it’s vulgar to say the SCIENTIFIC NAME of a woman’s reproductive organ???” one among Amunga’s critics wrote.

But when Bored Panda contacted the person for a touch upon his controversial ideas, he doubled down. “I am an African and we believe in moral values,” Eric Amunga informed Bored Panda. “We don’t appreciate the use of vulgar language in public. If some of these words are mentioned in public in the local language, they are offensive and disgusting. There has been a deterioration of African norms and an erosion of our manners because of alien behaviors imported from foreign nations.”

Amunga thinks the response to his tweets was fronted by radical feminists. He finds it unusual they didn’t point out the phrases ‘d**k’ or ‘f**k’ and simply targeted on vagina. “The word ‘vagina’ is a medical term. I agree,” he mentioned. “It should be only mentioned in a medical space or the bedroom. I have not stopped women and men from using it but I have advised African men to stay away from women who throw vulgarity and epithets.”

His claims immediately acquired a variety of consideration, even spawning fairly a couple of memes

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Even with its newfound publicity, the vagina has remained considerably of a taboo. Consider this: the Kotex firm planned a TV industrial for its pads and tampons that talked about the phrase “vagina.” No shock there, in spite of everything, it’s intently associated to the product. But then, three broadcast networks informed the corporate it couldn’t use that phrase. So Kotex filmed the advert with the actress utilizing the phrase “down there.” Two of the three networks, nonetheless, rejected even that. And this wasn’t within the Sixties or something — the advert ran in 2010.

Some assume this concern has critical results — many individuals nonetheless don’t know the distinction between the vagina and vulva, a lot much less how one can look after both one. A 2013 survey at a U.S. college revealed that only 38 percent of college women might accurately label the vagina on an anatomical diagram (beating out the 20 % of school males who might discover it).

What’s extra worrying, fewer than half of all women in one other worldwide survey mentioned they’re snug discussing vagina-related points with their healthcare supplier.

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