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Professional services firm rolls out digital musculoskeletal care program

< img loading ="lazy"class="size-full wp-image-442368"src=" "alt= ""width="2100"height="1400"srcset=" 2100w, 300w, 768w, 600w"sizes="( max-width: 2100px) 100vw, 2100px "> As more digital health companies seek to bundle together point solutions, employee benefits companies are doing the very same. One of them, expert services firm Aon, is launching a benefit planned to help employers lower their expenses on musculoskeletal care and improve results.

The company is bundling together services from 3 various startups into one solution:

  • 98point6, which offers text-based medical care gos to
  • Hinge Health, a start-up that connects users to virtual gos to with doctors, physical therapists and health coaches, and uses motion sensors to track their workouts
  • Employer Direct Healthcare, which navigation employees to facilities and cosmetic surgeons of excellence where it has pre-negotiated bundled rates

The objective is to resolve variations in the expense and quality of care, and help employees get care in the best setting at the correct time.

“Musculoskeletal conditions are amongst the biggest expense drivers for company health plans,” Michael Murphy, senior vice president of health development for Aon, said in a press release. “With more workers working from house throughout the Covid pandemic, these trends are being exacerbated, supplying an opportunity to help more individuals access high-quality, cost effective musculoskeletal care.”

The Chicago-based firm offers health, reinsurance and retirement services for employers. Aon stated it has thousands of customers, but it decreased to name them. In the very first quarter of 2021, its health services business brought in $536 million, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Image credit: Hinge Health



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