Why Does Period Blood Vary in Color? What’s Normal?

Menstrual blood move isn’t the identical each time you could have your interval. The blood may also look totally different over the course of the identical interval. Your interval blood could also be virtually black at first of the interval and switch shiny crimson later. Whereas many of the menstrual blood colour variations are regular and nothing to fret about, they’ll typically point out a severe well being concern.

Allow us to examine what totally different menstrual blood colours imply and when it is best to see your physician.

Black interval blood

You may even see black menstrual blood through the starting or finish of your durations. This blood, which resembles espresso grounds, is outdated blood that has taken longer to go away the uterus and has oxidized. When the move is much less, the blood could take longer to go away the uterus firstly of the interval. This blood can be the leftover blood out of your final interval.

Typically, black blood may also imply that there’s a blockage in your vagina. Different signs additionally accompany Black blood linked to this downside. These embrace –

  • Fever
  • Itching and swelling round your vagina
  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Problem in urinating

Brown Interval blood

Like black blood, brown interval blood can also be an indication of outdated menstrual blood. It seems firstly or in direction of the top of your interval. This blood has not had as a lot time to oxidize as black blood.

Implantation bleeding

Brown blood can also be linked with being pregnant. Brown blood recognizing is without doubt one of the early indicators of that you’re pregnant, and the docs consult with it as implantation bleeding.

Ectopic being pregnant

Girls additionally discover a brown discharge within the case of ectopic being pregnant, the place the egg implants within the fallopian tube as an alternative of the uterus.


Whereas miscarriage is related to shiny crimson blood, some girls additionally expertise a missed miscarriage. Throughout this type of miscarriage, the fetus stops growing however doesn’t move out of the uterus for 4 weeks. Girls could expertise brown recognizing as an alternative of heavy bleeding.


The bleeding that girls expertise for the primary few weeks after supply is named lochia. Although it’s initially shiny crimson, it turns darkish brown after a couple of days (1).

Darkish crimson interval blood

You might discover the darkish crimson colour of menstrual blood if you get up within the morning or after getting from the mattress after a while. This blood has turned darker as a result of it has been mendacity within the uterus for a while however had nonetheless not oxidized and turned brown.

You might also discover this blood in direction of the top of your interval when your move slows down. Because the older a part of the uterine lining will get shed and the move slows down, it’s possible you’ll discover this older blood. The bleeding that girls expertise after supply additionally incorporates clots. This bleeding seems darkish crimson for the primary few days after which turns into darker.

Vivid crimson interval blood

Vivid crimson menstrual blood implies that the blood is contemporary and is flowing shortly. Your interval could begin with shiny crimson blood, which can flip darkish crimson or brown because the move slows down.

You might also discover shiny crimson blood when you could have cramps. Your uterus contracts when you could have cramps, which can result in a heavier move of crimson blood. Vivid crimson blood can also be linked to some well being points. These embrace –


Bleeding of any colour through the being pregnant is a trigger for alarm. Vivid crimson bleeding throughout being pregnant generally is a signal of miscarriage, and you will need to instantly get it checked by your physician.


Some sexually transmitted infections(STIs) like chlamydia and gonorrhea could result in bleeding, which is shiny crimson. In the event you discover shiny crimson blood earlier than your interval begins, get it checked.

Polyps or fibroids

These benign growths within the uterus could cause shiny crimson blood move between the durations or heavier move throughout your durations. Different signs embrace ache and stress (2).

Cervical most cancers

Vivid crimson bleeding can be an indication of cervical most cancers in some uncommon instances. It’s often accompanied by different signs like foul-smelling vaginal discharge, unexplained weight reduction, ache within the decrease again, pelvis, and legs, bleeding after intercourse, and heavier durations.

Pink interval blood

You shouldn’t fear concerning the pink interval blood. When interval blood mixes with cervical fluids, it turns pink, and also you discover pink recognizing. You might discover pink recognizing through the starting and the top of your interval.

Typically it’s possible you’ll develop small tears within the vagina or cervix throughout intercourse. Blood from these tears can combine with vaginal fluids to create a pink discharge. Another conditions that will result in pink discharge are –

Low estrogen stage

Estrogen performs a significant position in stabilizing the uterine lining. If the estrogen ranges within the physique come down, it’s possible you’ll shed your uterine lining all through your menstrual cycle. This course of might result in pink recognizing. Some sorts of contraception drugs and perimenopause can decrease your estrogen ranges.


You can too see pink recognizing throughout ovulation. When blood from the uterus mixes with cervical fluid, it could seem pink.


A gush of pink fluid from the vagina generally is a signal of miscarriage.


After 4 days of supply, your lochia could seem pink.

Orange interval blood

Your interval blood could have an orangish tint when it mixes with the cervical fluid. Orange blood can also be related to implantation recognizing.

Nonetheless, if it had a unique texture or scent, it could be an STD or STI symptom. You will need to go to you, physician, as quickly as potential. Bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis might additionally result in signs like itching and foul-smelling discharge.

Gray interval blood

A gray discharge from the vagina might be an indication of bacterial vaginosis. This situation happens when there may be an imbalance between the nice and the dangerous micro organism within the vagina. The signs of bacterial vaginosis embrace itching within the vagina, ache, or burning whereas urinating and foul-smelling vaginal odor.

In the event you observe gray discharge through the later phases of being pregnant, it could point out a miscarriage. Contact your physician instantly.

Adjustments in texture

The colour of your interval blood can change from black or brown to crimson through the interval.  Equally, the consistency of your menstrual move can range relying on how a lot uterine lining is blended within the blood. Menstrual blood is thicker than ordinary blood due to the tissue it incorporates.

Whereas smaller clots on this blood usually are not a trigger for concern, should you see bigger clots, it is best to go to your physician. Bigger lumps or clots could also be an indication of fibroids. Fibroids are benign progress on the liner of the uterus.

Giant blood clots may also point out an ectopic being pregnant or miscarriage.

In case your menstrual blood is further skinny and is flowing shortly from the uterus, it’s possible you’ll be affected by menorrhagia. Menorrhagia can result in problems like anemia or continual fatigue.

When must you go to your physician?

Adjustments in your menstrual blood generally is a symptom of a number of well being situations. Most of those issues usually are not severe and don’t require medical assist. Nonetheless, you will need to go to your physician below the next situations –

  • In case your common durations have all of a sudden modified to irregular
  • In the event you bleed for greater than seven days between durations
  • In the event you bleed so closely that you just soak by your pad or tampon is 2 hours
  • In the event you undergo from extreme ache in periods
  • When you have gone by menopause and begin bleeding once more
  • In the event you haven’t had your durations for greater than three months

Remaining ideas

The colour of your menstrual blood and the quantity of blood misplaced in periods are good indicators of your well being. The colour of your menstrual blood can change throughout your interval, and so can the consistency. Nonetheless, in some instances, the change in colour can point out a well being downside like fibroids, low estrogen ranges, and even vaginosis. So, it’s important to study what’s regular and what isn’t with regards to your interval blood colour.


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