Why Is My Pee Bright Yellow? It’s Probably from This Vitamin

Chelsey Amer, MS, RD, CDN, solutions a standard but nonetheless mysterious rest room query: Why is my pee vibrant yellow?

When was the final time you took a peek in the bathroom bowl after you went to the lavatory? If it was quickly after you began your new complement routine, you could discover that your urine is all of the sudden vibrant yellow.

As a registered dietitian, I get requested about near-fluorescent, vibrant yellow pee from involved purchasers weekly. However there’s no have to worry. Sometimes, after beginning a brand new complement routine, your pee can flip vibrant yellow largely as a result of a sure sort of nutritional vitamins.

However earlier than we get into the specifics about this newest coloration change, let’s chat about normal-colored urine.

What coloration ought to urine be?

Your urine can vary in coloration from practically clear to a deep, golden amber coloration. I recommend checking the bathroom bowl typically to trace the colour of your urine to turn into conversant in your ordinary coloration sample.

Nonetheless, needless to say it’s completely regular for the colour of your urine to vary all through the day along with your hydration degree and the meals you eat. Typically talking, most yellow-toned urine is completely regular.

Nevertheless, in case your urine seems brown, pink, or pink—or for those who’re involved about your urine’s look—I recommend consulting your doctor.

So Why Is My Pee Brilliant Yellow?

Your pee might seem vibrant yellow as a result of excessive concentrations of B nutritional vitamins via meals or dietary supplements.

Sure B nutritional vitamins, together with vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12 (cobalamin), can flip your pee fluorescent yellow and even neon inexperienced. In the event you take Base Management or B12 Turbo, you could discover this transformation in urine coloration. It could actually additionally happen after consuming protein shakes or meal alternative shakes which can be fortified with B nutritional vitamins.

However needless to say more often than not, this coloration change is innocent.

About B Nutritional vitamins + Absorption

B nutritional vitamins are important for a lot of metabolic processes in your physique, from vitality manufacturing to DNA formation. With out B nutritional vitamins, you’ll expertise difficulties with nutrient digestion and absorption, pink blood cell formation, mobile well being, an infection prevention, and extra.

B nutritional vitamins are water-soluble, which means your physique doesn’t retailer them in your tissues or fats. Additional, your physique doesn’t take in 100 p.c of those nutritional vitamins ingested from dietary supplements or meals, so it’ll excrete unabsorbed B nutritional vitamins.

For reference, your physique can solely take in 27 milligrams of riboflavin at one time. Any quantity over that threshold will probably outcome as an overflow of fluorescent yellow urine. (Enjoyable truth: “flavin” within the vitamin’s identify means yellow.)

No matter this urine coloring, it’s vital to eat meals wealthy in B nutritional vitamins and to proceed taking your dietary supplements to make sure you eat sufficient of them every day. Such meals embody eggs, organ meats, and darkish inexperienced greens. Moreover, animal meals are wealthy sources of vitamin B12 particularly.

Woman eating steak, high in vitamin B, which could lead to bright yellow pee

Does Brilliant Yellow Pee Imply I’m Taking Too Many Dietary supplements?

Some people expertise bright-colored urine from dietary supplements extra typically than others. It could actually rely upon the particular model and dietary supplements you are taking, in addition to the absorptive capability in your intestines.

Now you could be considering: If I’m excreting extra B nutritional vitamins, do I have to take them in any respect?

However simply because your urine seems vibrant yellow doesn’t imply that you just’re excreting all of the nutritional vitamins you ingest. Your physique takes the quantity that it wants, which might change over time based mostly in your weight-reduction plan and different specifics.


The colour of your urine can reveal a number of well being indicators.


Most wholesome people can use the colour of their urine to gauge their hydration ranges.

Dilute, pale yellow pee usually suggests sufficient hydration. Alternatively, a deep amber jewel tone in the bathroom might point out under-hydration. That’s why your urine is probably going darker within the morning than all through the remainder of the day, once you’re extra hydrated.

To indicate good hydration, purpose to maintain your pee a pale yellow coloration. Since sixty p.c of your physique is water, consuming it repeatedly is essential in your magnificence and well being alike. As a ballpark, attempt to drink half of your physique weight in ounces every day.

Nevertheless, your urine might change coloration for causes apart from hydration.

Woman holding glass of beet juice, which might change her urine color

Meals Consumption

Sure coloured meals can alter the colour of your urine.

For instance, a excessive consumption of beets or berries may give your urine a pink or reddish tinge. That is as a result of naturally-occurring pigments present in some produce, like betalains in beets. On the identical be aware, you could discover mild orange or darkish yellow pee for those who eat quite a lot of carrots or candy potatoes as a result of their excessive concentrations of carotene.

Moreover, a weight-reduction plan excessive in processed meals with synthetic dyes may alter your urine’s pigment.

Notice: In some situations, the colour of your urine can point out a have to name your doctor ASAP. In the event you didn’t just lately eat beets, berries, or Purple Dye 40, a pink or reddish hue might point out blood in your urine.

The Backside Line

All issues thought-about, most dietary influences in your urine coloration are non permanent. There’s typically no want to fret, save for the particular circumstances cited above.

Nevertheless, if you’re involved concerning the coloration of your urine, converse along with your doctor.

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